Air transportation

 “Air transportation” refers to the method of transporting goods from the origin to destination by means of an air vehicle. Air transportation is carried out according to the guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) through airports, under the supervision of one or more airlines. As a result of the widespread acceptance of air transportation by countries, a convention was formed to harmonize the conditions and regulations governing international air transportation, to which Iran also adhered. This agreement is applicable only to international flights, in the transportation of goods, passengers and personal belongings for which a fee has been paid.

Two kinds of goods in Air transportation:

  • Cargo:

Commercial goods (imports or exports) that are not personal or passengers’ belongings. The sender must have a valid business card. Customs duties are applicable in this method of transportation.

  • Freight:

People migrating or going on a long trip, but not for commercial purposes, needing to take their belongings with them. It is allowed to carry a maximum of 20 to 30 kilograms, and those who carry more will be charged an overweight fee. Using this method, the passenger can avoid paying this fee and reduce the cost of transporting his belongings into one third.

Air Freight Forwarder and Consolidator:

“Freight Forwarder” is another term in air transportation. A freight forwarder is a member of IATA and a representative of one or more airlines who is responsible for managing transportation operations.

This person can play a significant role in reducing transportation costs by collecting separate shipments and turning them into a larger one as a consolidator.

Classification of export and import goods:

  • Permitted: Goods that do not require a permit to be transported in compliance with the regulations.
  • Conditional: Goods that requires permission from government agencies for export or import. (Books, publications, films, tapes, cultural and artistic works, and …)
  • Prohibited: Goods that are prohibited to be transported according to the Holy Sharia or the law.

Air transport advantages:

Recommended destinations for air transport:

Calculating cargo weight and transportation costs:

In calculating air transportation costs, mass and volumetric weight of a cargo are compared, and the larger number will be the criterion which will be divided into 6000.

 In general, the heavier your cargo is, the cheaper the shipping fee will be.

The Goods fall into one of these categories based on their weight:

Recommended cargoes for air transport:

Calculating air transportation costs:

In air transportation, the cargo is insured up to $20 per kilogram, and if this amount is insufficient, additional insurance will be purchased according to the value of the goods.

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