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BAHAR TARABAR KIAN, a prominent leading forwarder/carrier company with decades of experience in international transportation and logistics in Iran, is one of the most renowned companies in this field. Considering the particular features of your cargo, Bahar Tarabar Kian provides you with an exclusive consultation and offers you the most cost-effective and efficient method of getting your cargo to your desired destination. In order to provide our valued clients with the safest transportation possible, our colleagues in the central office, the northern and southern ports, as well as the customs houses of border cities, maintain the most up to date information on international transportation laws as well as special laws governing neighboring countries. Observing the principle of respecting clients, paying attention to the smallest details of the request, considering sensitivity and special conditions of a cargo, trustworthiness, commitment, following up and responding to the customer’s needs until the final delivery and even afterward, to ensure about customers satisfaction at all steps, is the secret of our success and popularity.

At Bahar Tarabar Kian, you are not our customer, but a friend and providing expert consultation based on the unique features of each shipmen to protect your benefits is a duty that we take pride in. We are always waiting for you here to assist you.

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What is international shipping?

“Air transportation” refers to the method of transporting goods from the origin to destination by means of an air vehicle. Air transportation is carried out according to the guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) through airports, under the supervision of one or more airlines. As a result of the widespread acceptance of air transportation by countries, a convention was formed to harmonize the conditions and regulations governing international air transportation, to which Iran also adhered. This agreement is applicable only to international flights, in the transportation of goods, passengers and personal belongings for which a fee has been paid.

The term “Road Transportation” refers to the method of transporting goods by means of the road, and the vehicles used for this are flatbeds, trailers, and other heavy equipment.

In light of Iran’s geographical location and 16 provincial borders as well as its free & special economic zones, road transportation provides a convenient method of transporting goods to neighboring countries.

The term “Rail Transportation” refers to the method of moving goods through international transit corridors on the railway network from origin to destination. (IRTC is a global network of roads, rails, and sea routes that facilitates multimodal transportation, economic growth, transit, international trade, improved cargo transport security, cargo exchange between countries and creating a pathway among them.)




Marine transportation means moving people, goods, etc. by boat, ship and other vessels across oceans, seas, lakes, canals and rivers. This type of transportation for bulk and relatively heavy goods is cheaper than other methods, so the owners of goods and commercial companies carry out the largest volume of movement in this way. Iran, with more than 2,700 kilometers of coastal borders in the north and south, as well as its special geographical location, can act as one of the main sources of international transportation, especially sea transportation in the region.

FIATA: International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations
Road Maintenance & Transportation Organization
ICCIMA: Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture
ITCA: International Transport Companies Association of Iran
Touring & Automobile Club of the Islamic Republic of Iran
IRICA: Islamic Republic of Iran's Customs Administration
IRU: International Road Transport Union
CMR International Convention
T.I.R.: Transports Internationaux Routiers International Convention
Shipping Association and related services of Iran
Islamic Republic of Iran Railways
IATA: International Air Transport Association

Bahar Tarabar Kian

We at Bahar Tarabar Kian are dedicated to providing our customers with special and exclusive services in the field of logistics and international transportation. At Bahar Tarabar Kian, we decided to consider and evaluate both large and small transportation problems to reduce good owners, final customers, merchants, … concerns.


Bahar Tarabar Kian services include, but are not limited to:

At Bahar Tarabar Kian, we are available to answer your questions and ready to assist you every single day. You can also contact us through the communication channels listed in our contact section if you wish to receive exclusive advice.

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Bahar Trabar Kian International Transport Company with more than 30 years of brilliant experience in the field of international land transport, air freight, shipping, freight and combined freight using its facilities, experience and capabilities has been able to provide all services. Safe, accurate and economical international cargo transportation in domestic and transit geography of all ports, docks and production centers.

Dr. Mojtaba Baharvand

Dr. Mojtaba Baharvand

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Mr. Hossein Amini

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Ms. Maryam Shirzad

Forwarding Manager
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